What’s Next?

As some of you might have heard or read, I am no longer a student. For the first time in my life, I am not going to school in any form and it feels pretty good. But that also means that I can no longer write posts about traveling as a student. So, What’s Next? To be entirely honest, I …

The Perfect Money Mix for Traveling

It can be very hard to choose the right bank or card for traveling. Using your cards abroad could cost you a small fortune in the form of fees and charges by the bank or card issuers. And it’s hard to recommend banks or cards for you since some of them depend on citizenship in a certain country. I can …

How to Plan a Solo Trip on a Budget

Planing a trip with a paper map

To be frank, I don’t usually spend too much time planning for my trips. I don’t create an elaborate itinerary and have every accommodation booked in advance. Because you never know what’s going to happen. The only thing you know for sure is that it will be almost impossible to stick to your plan. That’s why I usually don’t plan at all. But some things should be considered before you leave for your trip. Especially if you’re trying to stick to your budget.

Why You Should Try to Travel Solo

Man standing on top of mountain

Sharing a trip with a friend or your significant other can be wonderful. But you might not get to to do or see things you want to. Because you and your friend won’t have the same ideas and wishes for your trip. You will have to make compromises to make your trip work and might even have to give up on a dream of yours. 

Top 5 RV Parks in the American Southwest

RV in Ricardo Canyon Campground

A road trip across the western United States in an RV is still my favorite trip of all-time. But the RV parks, campgrounds and resorts we stayed at were not all equally good. Below I listed my top 5 favorite places we stayed at with our RV during our trip. You shouldn’t take the order too serious because it doesn’t matter much in what place a spot is.