Monthly Archives: November 2016

Camping at Lake Tahoe

boy sitting in front of rv

On our 4-week road trip across the western United States, Lake Tahoe was our first destination after departing from San Francisco.
We stayed at the Meeks Bay Resort with our RV. It is located directly at the lake at Emerald Bay. When we arrived it was already the down season so we managed to get a space for our RV with full hookup for only $30 a night. It was one of my favorite campgrounds we stayed at during the four weeks.

How to Save Money for Your Travel Plans

money in multiple currencies

One question that I get asked a lot is how I could afford to travel during school and my apprenticeship without earning a huge salary. It’s actually a lot easier than you might think. Consistency is key.

No matter how you want to travel, it’s cheaper than you think but it probably isn’t free. Some money will be required to get you going.