A Weekend in Amsterdam

Crooked houses in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands is one of the most popular destinations in Europe and has lots to offer for all kind of travellers. This is how I spent a weekend in Amsterdam.

Getting to the city is fairly easy. You can get a flight from basically anywhere to Amsterdam Schipol. From there you can take a train to Amsterdam Centraal Station. The ride will take you about 20 minutes. Centraal is your hub for public transportation in Amsterdam. You have buses, boats and trams leaving and arriving there.

Wander Around

Amsterdam is a great city to see on foot. Just walking around and getting lost is one of the best ways to see a city in my opinion. It is safe and not extremely large which makes this a perfect place to explore on foot. You can stroll next to the canals and look at the beautiful architecture and house boats. If you ever get tired you can just pop into the next café which is never far away.


This is the second biggest park in Amsterdam and one of the most beautiful I have seen in any city. It has beautiful lakes, cafés, playgrounds and even a stage where they have festivals during the summer months. As anywhere in Amsterdam, there’s a lot of bike traffic. Be careful!
Fun fact: Public sex is allowed in this park as long as it’s during dusk or at night and away from playgrounds. I just thought you might want to know that.

Take a Canal Cruise

Another nice way to see the city that doesn’t involve walking this time is by boat. There are tons of companies offering Canal Tours around Amsterdam. There are even special Dinner Cruises where you can eat as well.


This is where you will find the famous iAmsterdam sign. There are a few around the city but I think this is the biggest one. If you want to get that touristy photo, go here.

Eat Street Food

Street Food is my favorite food if you can count that as one food “category”. You are missing out if you aren’t getting some stroopwafels or fries from the many vendors that sell them on the streets of Amsterdam. Eating street food is a good idea in almost any city.

Get an Omelegg

One of the best things I had in Amsterdam was an Omelegg. It’s a small breakfast restaurant in the middle of Amsterdam that offers a wide variety of omelettes. Obviously you can also order something else but you should go there for the omelette. I’ve never had anything like it before. Best. Omelette. Ever.
If you want to know more about food in Amsterdam, I have an entire article about that topic.

Amsterdam has a ton of museums and is a hotspot for art lovers. However, I can’t count myself an art lover and therefore didn’t visit any art museums. If you’re into art you might be better off reading another post. Have you ever spent a weekend in Amsterdam? Let me know in the comments below!



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