Camping at Lake Tahoe

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On our 4-week road trip across the western United States, Lake Tahoe was our first destination after departing from San Francisco. We stayed at the Meeks Bay Resort with our RV. It is located directly at the lake at Emerald Bay. When we arrived it was already the down season so we managed to get a space for our RV with full hookup for only $30 a night. It was one of my favorite campgrounds we stayed at during the four weeks. If you are not traveling with an RV you can stay there with a tent or rent one of the cabins.

Cabin at Meeks Bay Cabin at Meeks Bay


I don’t think you can get bored if you stay at Lake Tahoe. There are a ton of activities in and around the lake.


Kid in Lake Tahoe

Swimming in a lake is one of my favorite things. Although it was rather cold in September (15℃) swimming was still amazing. It’s not as bad as it sounds once you’re in. The crystal clear water is totally worth it.

Water Sports

Lake Tahoe is a big destination for all kind of water sports. We only rented a stand-up paddle board and a pedal boat. Even a noob like me was able to stand on a SUP. And if you are doing it right, you don’t even have to get wet. If you go past the buoys the water will suddenly turn deep blue and the sandy beach bottoms disappear. It looks even better than it sounds. But there is so much more to do. From jet skiing, over parasailing to windsurfing, you will find something fun to do with the 147 trillion liters of water in the lake.


If you don’t like water (what’s wrong with you?) or you just had enough for now you can also do fun things outside of the lake. There are some amazing hiking trails starting in Emerald Bay. The views will not disappoint.


Obviously, you can also do all kind of other sports around the lake. Go for a run, take your bike for a ride, play volleyball on the beach etc.

Lake Tahoe was one of my favorite locations in all of California. Definitely a must-see!


You can also check out the videos I made at Lake Tahoe in my earlier blog post.







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