My Travel Bucket List

Waterfall in Iceland

We all have dreams. Things we want to do in our lifetime. Things we want to see. Places we want to go. For me, it is important to write these dreams down so I can keep them in focus. I like my Bucket List to be a long-term to do list and not a list of things I will never do.

Solo Travel Tips for Thailand

Koh Tao beach

It was my first backpacking trip, my first trip to South East Asia and a lot of other firsts. It was very scary at first but thanks to the warm welcome of all the other travellers that vanished soon. I learned a lot of new things during those two weeks. First of all that two weeks is way too short. It’s more like a sneak peek than an actual trip.

Get Your PADI Diving Certification in Thailand

diver underwater in thailand

If you are ever traveling to Thailand you might consider going scuba diving. If you have never done any kind of diving before, this is the perfect place to get your PADI Open Water certification. Even if you’re not traveling to Thailand you should probably give scuba diving a try. About 71% of our planet is covered in water and you are missing out big time if you never discover the world below. There is nothing like your first breath under water. And if you travel solo, I HIGHLY recommend scuba diving because you can’t dive alone

Traveling Solo for the First Time

on top of sand dunes in Dubai

Traveling solo can be scary. And it will be, especially the first time. You’re alone. No one can help you. You’re in a foreign country. You don’t speak the language. You don’t know what you’re doing. These were all fears I had before going on my first trip alone. As it turned out, most of those fears aren’t true and the others are only half as bad

Be Spontaneous

koh tao island thailand

I had two weeks off this summer. I knew that almost since the beginning of the year but I had no idea what to do during those two weeks. I ended up booking a flight to Thailand. One day in advance. I knew nothing about Thailand, had no idea what I was going to do there and where I’d stay. Oh, and I also went there alone.

Goodbye Dubai

me and sumudu

Now this is a very short one. I didn’t really do much on my last day except fly home which I didn’t think was that interesting. I also got a little tour around the Emirates Headquarters which was very interesting. Thanks to Sumudu for the tour. 🙂

Dubai’s Water Parks Are Crazy

dubai water park slide

If you’re in the middle of the desert you’d think water is rare. That’s definitely not the case in Atlantis Aquaventure. A lot of crazy slides offer a full day of fun. Obviously the slide with a trap door which I was looking forward to the most was closed that day. This is also recommended for the thrill seekers out their.

Desert Adventure

toyota landcruiser driving through sand

A few kilometers away from the fancy skyscrapers of Downton Dubai there’s also sand. A lot of sand in fact. I definitely recommend doing a desert tour. It was my first time in any desert and seeing sand and nothing but sand was impressive. Driving over sand dunes in a SUV is also a lot of fun.