A Weekend in Amsterdam

Crooked houses in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands is one of the most popular destinations in Europe and has lots to offer for all kind of travellers.

Getting to Amsterdam is fairly easy. You can get a flight from basically anywhere to Amsterdam Schipol. From there you can take a train to Amsterdam Centraal Station.

My Travel Bucket List

Waterfall in Iceland

We all have dreams. Things we want to do in our lifetime. Things we want to see. Places we want to go. For me, it is important to write these dreams down so I can keep them in focus. I like my Bucket List to be a long-term to do list and not a list of things I will never do.

Summer in St. Moritz

swiss flag in front of mountains

St. Moritz is a popular skiing destination in the winter with fancy hotels and great ski slopes. But it also offers a lot during summer. From hiking over biking to surfing there is a lot of fun activities you can do around and in St. Moritz.  

Smallest State in the World

Obviously we also had to leave Italy to visit the Vatican. This is definitely a must. After standing in line forever I was really impressed by the size of St. Peter’s Basilica. It’s huge inside but the stairs to go up are really really tiny. And once you’re up it’s tiny and crowded but definitely worth it for a great view over the city.

Looking at Old Stuff

As we had to learn on our second day in the capital of Italy, Rome is not built to deal with a lot of rain. It was coming down quite a bit and filled up whole subway stations. And taking the bus back home felt more than a boat ride. Besides our boat ride we also looked at old stuff. Like really old.