Find the Best Flight Deals with Hopper

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It feels like every time I write about a travel app, a new one comes out right after I hit that publish button. This app isn’t new per se, but it changed a lot recently and it has become one of my favorites for finding the best and cheapest flights. I already have a post about finding good deals on flights in which I call Google Flights my favorite. Now, add Hopper to that list.

Why You Should Pack with Packing Organizers

electronics in bag

Who loves packing?  
Ok, no one does. But it doesn’t have to be that bad. I’ve never been a great packer. I was always the person who just threw everything into a bag and hoped everything would fit. Without a system or a thought behind how I was packing. Maybe you are the same way. Or not. Either way, you should really use packing organizers.

My Favorite Travel Headphones

bose headphones

One thing that I always have with me when I’m traveling are my headphones. These do definitely belong on my essential travel items list. Sometimes for listening to music on a long bus journey, sometimes for editing a new video and sometimes to watch a movie on a flight. Because, let’s be honest, nothing is worse than airplane headphones. I’ve been carrying around three different pairs of headphones lately to find out which are the best headphones for me and I wanted to share my experiences with you here.