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It feels like every time I write about a travel app, a new one comes out right after I hit that publish button. This app isn’t new per se, but it changed a lot recently and it has become one of my favourites for finding the best and cheapest flights. I already have a post about finding good deals on flights in which I call Google Flights my favorite. Now, add Hopper to that list.

Price predictions inside Hopper

Hopper’s big selling point are its predictions. It predicts if prices for flights will rise or fall and if it is better to book a flight now or wait a bit longer.

Finding a Travel Date

Calendar view inside the Hopper app

Similar to Google Flights, Hopper has a nice calendar view to see when flights are the cheapest. With a beautiful color scheme it tells you when the best time to book a flight is. If you have to choose a more expensive date you can still watch this trip and hope for a better deal.

Watch Trips

List of trips being watched

This is where Hopper’s strength comes in. If you are looking for a flight Hopper will tell you to wait or to book now. If you should wait you can let Hopper watch that trip for you and it will send notifications when prices change. Predictions are usually very accurate and if Hopper says prices won’t change, they won’t.

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Booking a Flight

Booking flights directly in the app

You can book a flight directly in the Hopper app. This is very convenient and fast especially if you want to book as fast as possible after you get a notification about a good deal. You can also store multiple travellers in the app so you don’t have to enter the info every time which is very handy.

How Does Hopper Make Money?

This is a legitimate question for a free app that has no ads or any other obvious income. Every time you book a flight via the Hopper app, Hopper charges you a $5 fee. This is what keeps Hopper running and makes sure the people who work at Hopper don’t starve. Five dollars sounds like a very fair price if you can save hundreds of dollars on flights.

With its very simple approach Hopper has made itself one of my favorite travel apps. Obviously there are still a few things that I wish Hopper had:


I wish Hopper would offer some kind of “Explore” option like Google or Kayak does. I find this an excellent tool for figuring out a destination for your next trip. So far I use Google’s Explore feature alongside Hopper’s predictions.

Additionally I would like to have the option to find the best flights during date ranges and not only on specific dates. Because Hopper won’t tell you that you could save $100 by leaving a day earlier. If you are flexible you will score the best deals on flights.

More filters wouldn’t hurt either. So far the app is very basic when it comes to filtering but I’m sure there are a lot more things coming to Hopper.

I wouldn’t mind a web app either. Sometimes it’s just easier looking at it on a big screen than just on your phone.

Hopper is available for free on iOS and Android.




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