How to Find the Best Time to Travel

how to find the best time to travel

Have you ever wanted to travel somewhere but it just wasn’t the right time? Maybe no one wanted to join you on your trip. Maybe you were too busy at work. Your life was full of obligations that kept you from traveling. But here’s a secret: It will not get better the longer you wait. The best time to travel is now.

When people tell me what kind of trips they would like to take in their life, I always ask them when they want to take this trip.

“I’d love to go right now but I can’t.”

This is usually the answer I get. But why can’t you right now?

Making up Excuses

I used to be (sometimes still am) very good at making up excuses. If you really want to, you will find a million reasons not to do something. I don’t have enough money. Work is busy. No one wants to come with me. I’m scared. It’s too dangerous. Bla bla bla. If these reasons keep you from taking that dream trip, you will never get on the road. There are always reasons not to go somewhere.

What About Money?

The number one reason people give me for not taking a trip is money. Usually it’s about having too little. So far I haven’t come across anyone who complained about too much.

Since this topic seems to be on so many people’s mind, I have written about it multiple times in the past few months. There isn’t some secret trick in there to suddenly have more money but if you change your mindset you can make the money you already have last a lot longer. If you ever run out, there are tons of ways to earn money on your trip.

I think that the thing that holds people back are obligations in their life and preconceptions about travel. Most of these preconceptions aren’t or don’t have to be true. Travel doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Travel isn’t (usually) dangerous even if you travel alone. If you have some common sense it will be alright. With preconceptions gone, that leaves only obligations. You will always have these. Your entire life they will never go away. If you want to travel, you need to let them go because they won’t let you go by themselves.

Just Do It

I already told you a while ago to just do it. All I can do at this point is repeat it. You need to be on the road or on a plane before the reasons not to travel come to your mind. There will never be a time when everything is perfect. And it doesn’t have to be.

So, the answer to “How to Find the Best Time to Travel?” would be “you don’t”. There is simply no such thing as the best time to travel. You either go now or you’ll procrastinate until it is too late and you will regret it. Maybe for the rest of your life.

Whatever is holding you back right now in this moment, is it worth it?



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