How To Find The Cheapest Flights

A question that gets asked over and over again. What is the best site to compare airfares? The answer is easy. It doesn’t exist. Nothing is perfect and that’s the same for airfare comparison sites. That’s why I don’t use one but always multiple sites which is probably already overkill. You have to decide for yourself how much effort you want to put into finding the absolute cheapest flight to your destination. I’ll list you some of my favorite sites below.

Google Flights

This is a relatively new player in the game but it is already my favorite one. The power of Google Search can get you the cheapest flights a lot of times. But it can do a lot more. I love their calendar which shows airfares for the upcoming month including a nice graph of the airfare development.

Price overview in Google Flights

Another feature I like a lot is the map. Here you can explore the prices on a map and see if maybe there is a cheaper airport nearby that you can fly to. And the “I’m feeling lucky” button is also very nice because you can go to places you never even thought about before.

Price map of Europe in Google Maps


This was the very first website I used to book my first flight. This is not only for flights but also for hotels and cars but I’ve never used those parts of the service. One of my favorite feature here is the forecast. They tell you if it’s a good time to buy that particular ticket or if you better wait a few more days before you buy it.

Kayak price alerts

But my favorite feature is definitely the explore tab. It’s similar to the map on Google Flights but it offers some cool options. You can look for flights based on where you want to go, when you want to go, what you want to do at your destination or how you would like the weather to be. You want 30℃ in the fall and fly there from ZRH for under 1000.- CHF? Here you go.

explore tab on Kayak


Adioso looks very simple at first sight but can be very powerful as well. The searches you can do with Adioso are a bit more flexible. You can not only choose a destination airport but even a country or even a continent if you have no specific place you want to go. Let’s say you want to go to Finland for 4 weeks, whenever it is cheap. Done.

Landing page of adios

If you’re flexible you can also check out Adioso’s Deals Radar which will show you flights that have recently dropped in price. Filters are also very nicely done on Adioso. Every information about the flight can be used as a filter. Find flights shorter than this, longer than this, don’t show me this airline, show me only this airline etc.

adiosos SmartView

There are other sites and they are probably also good but I haven’t tried them so I can’t share my experiences with you. If you have any site you like you can always comment below.

General Tips

Be flexible

If you really want to find the cheapest flights, you have to be flexible. If you have a set date and a set destination it’s very unlikely that you get a good deal exactly at the time you want one.

Travel light

Traveling light will also help to keep your airfare down. It’s easier to travel with nothing more than hand luggage than you think.

Switch to other currencies

Sometimes they don’t convert currency correctly or unfair. Play around with that. I almost never buy flights in CHF because I get a better deal if I buy it in USD.

Use Price alerts

All of the above mentioned sites offer you to send you an email whenever the price of a flight dropped below a set amount. Use that to stay informed about the development of the price.

Sign up for newsletters

Most airlines offer newsletter to inform you about current deals or price drops. Sign up for those to always be up to date with the cheapest airfares.


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