How Travel Can Have Permanent Positive Effects on Your Life

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“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” I don’t know who said that. But it sounds like a cliché. It’s a quote you would read on a Tumblr blog somewhere. But to be honest, as cliché as it sounds, I have found it to be true.

If It Scares You, You Should Probably Do It

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I know, this goes against all the laws of nature. Fear is there to protect us, to get ready for a fight or run as fast as we can. But sometimes we experience fears in situations that are not harmful in any way.

I am not a social butterfly. Quite the opposite I’d say. And traveling alone was extremely scary for me. I was afraid I would spend my entire trip alone, that I wouldn’t meet anyone along the way, that I’d be lonely. But that did not happen. From the moment I arrived, to the moment I stepped on my plane home I barely spent a minute alone. Hostels really are your friends here. Everyone there is in the same boat as you. I found people in hostels to be very approachable and friendly. Everything is more laid-back when you are traveling. Practice makes perfect as they say and I can only confirm that.

Become More Open Minded

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Seeing other people, other countries and other cultures make you realize that your way of living is not the only way. You get to meet these people and see the world through their eyes. We own a lot of stuff. Way too much stuff in my opinion. I’ve seen people with way less living way happier. Not everyone lives in such a materialistic world as we do. They focus on what really matters.

Value What You Have

But travel also makes you value the things you have. Simple things like water or food. We take these things for granted but not everyone has this luxury. Some people struggle every day just to survive.

This really makes you think about how privileged we actually are. And I can’t tell you why we get to enjoy these privileges while others don’t. And for most people, these privileges are not earned. I didn’t earn them. I was just born in a country that offers all these privileges. I have contributed nothing towards that. And even in our society, I am among the most privileged. I am white, straight and a man. I was just given these privileges for reasons that are out of my control and it was denied to others for reasons out of their control.


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