My 12 Favorite Travel Tips

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The internet is full of advice about everything and travel is no exception. Some of it is better than others so I decided to make a list of all of my favorite travel tips I’ve been given either in person on the road or on the internet.

Expensive Can Be Priceless

“Someone told me that you’ll never remember how much that cool thing you want to do cost, but you will always remember the cool thing.”

It couldn’t be truer. Do you remember the price of anything you have done? How much was skydiving in Dubai again? How much did it cost me to book a flight to Thailand the day before? I remember that it wasn’t cheap but I can’t tell you how much it actually cost me. The experience though, was priceless. These are things that I will remember for years, maybe even forever.

Spend Money on Experiences, Not Things

Things will break, things get lost, things become outdated. But memories are forever. You won’t remember your iPad in 10 years because it’s an old piece of technology no one uses anymore and you will throw it away. But your memories will stay with you.

Bad Experiences Make Good Stories

“A bad experience isn’t bad if you get a good story out of it.”

The bad experiences that turn into great stories are the memories that will stay with you the longest.

Make Sure Your Companion Is Compatible

If you travel with someone else, make sure you are compatible to travel together. Nothing is worse than being at an amazing place and have everything ruined by a bad travel companion. Does your partner like every minute planned and you’d just rather go along without any planning? Do you want to walk around all day and see as much as possible but your partner would rather sit and observe the surroundings? If you’re traveling solo you can choose the most compatible travel partner from the people you have met.

Learn the Basics of a Language

In most countries you won’t have to speak the native language and you’ll be fine for most things. But it’s nice to know at least a few words like hello, bye, yes, no, please, thank you. You will also leave a good impression with the local people if you speak or at least try to speak their language.

Don’t Listen to the Media

If you’d listened to the news you probably couldn’t travel anywhere because everywhere is dangerous and everyone wants to rob or kill you. Almost all of the time things aren’t even halfway as bad as the media reports it. Also keep in mind that there might be tensions between governments, but the local people aren’t the government and they just want to go about their life as you do.

Pack Less


Pack everything what you think you need. Then throw half of it out. You won’t need it. When it comes to packing, less is more. With less you can travel lighter, faster cheaper and you won’t miss the things you left behind.

A Country Can Have a Lot More to Offer Than Just It’s Capital City


This is one of the travel tips that I really want to take to heart. I want to travel more away from big cities, get away from big tourist spots and attractions and explore the places that might not be as famous as the capital city.

Backup All Your Photos Regularly

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When you’re on your trip of a lifetime you will make sure to take a lot of photos, right? Back these photos up as often as you can. Breaking your camera or getting your laptop stolen sucks but what’s even worse is that you will lose all your photos without any chance of ever recovering them again. Back them up to an external hard drive or even better, to the cloud. You can use a service like Google Photos (if you want them to be able to look at all your photos) or backup your entire laptop with Crashplan. This is a good idea even when you are not traveling.

You Can’t See Everything

The sooner you realise this, the more relaxed your trip will get. Take time to look at the things you want to see and don’t hustle from one spot to another without really experiencing it. You will miss out on a lot of things in your life so make sure you’re mentally present when you don’t.

Keep a Journal

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This is something that I also want to try in the future. I know a few people who write in their diary every day and you get to look back and remember things that you would have forgotten otherwise. How did you feel, how did it smell, all of those little details that will make want to go back.

Just Do It (Not Sponsored by Nike)

Seriously, what is stopping you?

If I missed anything great let me know in the comments below!

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