New Beginnings

Being Foreign Travel Blog

Over the past years I’ve been blogging on and off. Unfortunately more off than on. I blogged in many places and went from a personal blog to a technology blog to what became a travel blog in the end. I switched blog and blogging platform more than I change my underwear. My travel blog was available under and I mostly posted travel videos over there. I was never too happy with the whole site. The blog ran on WordPress, which was a pain to maintain and after a few months I didn’t really like using my own name for the blog anymore. I wanted my blog to have its own name.

That is why I’ve been working on this new site for the past few weeks which will be my new home on the internet.

Being Foreign is my new travel blog where I will post reports from my travels, reviews of travel products, tips on how to travel to a certain destination or with certain equipment and a lot more. I hope that I will be able to dedicate more time to this blog than before and regularly update it with new articles. I’ll try to find my own schedule and routine.

The whole site should also be a lot faster now, mobile-friendly and generally prettier.

If you have any feedback, tips or you just want to say hello, you’re welcome to do that in the comments, on Twitter, on Facebook or wherever else you want. 🙂



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