Six Flags Magic Mountain: X2 and Tatsu Will Get Your Heart Pumping

six flags magic mountain

When we set out on our road trip in the United States, one of places I wanted to go to the most was Six Flags. I love roller coasters. So, it’s not a surprise that I wanted to visit the world’s biggest roller coaster park when we are in the area. And we did.

A Must for Adrenaline Junkies

If you’re like me and you like roller coasters, Six Flags Magic Mountain is a must for you. Before Six Flags, we also visited Disneyland in Anaheim which is not that big of a roller coaster park but a very beautiful und fun theme park. You can’t really compare these two to be honest. If you are into roller coasters, Six Flags is the place to go.

Efficiency Is a German Thing

The only thing that comes slightly close to Six Flags that I’ve been to is the Europa Park in Rust, Germany. It’s the biggest theme park in Germany and the 2nd most popular theme park in Europe. According to some magazine that I have never heard of before it’s also the best theme park in the world. Whatever that means.

What I instantly noticed in Six Flags was the lack of efficiency. When they fill up the roller coasters there are tons of empty seats and even though some rides have a single rider line they rarely use these people to fill up the empty seats. You rarely see empty seats in Europa Park and if they have a single rider line there’s never an empty seat. I never really thought about how efficient the whole process was in Germany until I saw how inefficient it is in Six Flags. But I guess that is what Germans are known for so I shouldn’t be surprised. The great rides make up for this though.

Favorite Rides

The most important thing about the park are obviously the rides. And there are many rides in Six Flags and I’ll list some of my favorites below.

#1 X2 Coaster

X2 Roller Coaster

The X2 coaster is just insane. I don’t know any other word that could describe this ride. This was a whole new experience for me as I have only been on “normal” roller coasters where you just sit in your seat and ride along a track. Not with X2. The seats in X2 can turn 360 degrees which means that at one time you can be on your back and the next you are on your belly. When you ascend the first hill you are on your back looking towards the sky. You can’t see where you are going or how much further you’re going. Then there’s a short drop only to tease you. It’s going further up after that until it reaches its final height. From there it will drop you 66m while also turning the seats around so that you are suddenly looking towards the ground. I am pretty sure my heart stopped during that first drop. It’s hard to describe with words here is a video of a guy riding the X2.

#2 Tatsu

Tatsu Roller Coaster

Tatsu is another roller coaster where you don’t sit in a seat but you are in a flying position. You sit in it normally when you get in but the seats then turn 90 degrees so you are facing the ground. The ride has a pretzel loop. You go into the looping at the top and then drive a pretzel-like shape. It is awesome! Here’s another video of that ride.

I have also heard of others that Goliath is very good too but the line was extremely long so we skipped that one.

Where to Stay

We stayed at the Castaic Lake RV Park with our RV and took a cab to and from the park. It is about a 10 minute ride with a car so very easy to get to. There are other RV parks like the Valencia Travel Village which is about 5 minutes from Magic Mountain. I definitely recommend staying somewhere in the area as you will need at least an entire day in the park.

Photos of Tatsu and X2 by Jeff Keller. Thumbnail by SpokkerJones.








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