Staying in Las Vegas with an RV

RV in a parking lot

Las Vegas is one of the cities that is on almost everyone’s list when it comes to a western United States road trip. And if you have never been there it’s worth a visit even if it’s just to find out what all the fuzz is about. And while traveling with an RV is one of the best ways to see the United States, you might think that it is less ideal in Las Vegas. If you would rather stay in a fancy hotel I would definitely agree. I would recommend that you go to Las Vegas in a car as you probably won’t find parking with your RV at every hotel. But don’t worry, there are definitely options for RV’s in Las Vegas.

Stay in a Hotel During the down Season

Las Vegas hotels at night

This is a great tip we got from fellow travellers we met on the road though I have not tried this myself (yet). If you travel during the down season a lot of hotels won’t be fully booked. Some of them will let you park your RV in their parking lot and give you a room for a great deal because they would rather give the room away cheap than not at all. It’s probably best to ask the hotel beforehand though.

Stay in an RV Park

During our stay in Las Vegas we stayed at the Circus Circus RV Park which is right next to the Circus Circus hotel. It offers all of the amenities that you would expect including water, electricity and Wi-Fi (probably the slowest in all of Las Vegas). The best of all though, is the location. As far as I know it is the only way to stay in Las Vegas with an RV right next to The Strip. We went to most attractions on foot and it was no problem.

Stay at a Campground Outside of Vegas

RV on a campground

As you can see here there are more campgrounds and RV parks around Vegas but none as close as Circus Circus. The “problem” if you stay outside of Vegas is that it is harder to get to Vegas itself. You can’t really drive your RV into Vegas and expect to find good parking spots.

If you know of any other RV parks or the like please let me know in the comments or drop me a line.




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