Top 5 RV Parks in the American Southwest

RV in Ricardo Canyon Campground

A road trip across the western United States in an RV is still my favorite trip of all-time. But the RV parks, campgrounds and resorts we stayed at were not all equally good. Below I listed my top 5 favorite places we stayed at with our RV during our trip. You shouldn’t take the order too serious because it doesn’t matter much in what place a spot is.

#5 Anaheim Resort RV Park

anaheim rv park
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I chose the Anaheim RV Park to start this list. While the others on this list are surrounded by beautiful nature, this one is surrounded by concrete. Why exactly is it on this list then? Well for one, it’s location is still pretty great. People don’t go here for anything besides Disneyland which is just around the corner. You can watch the fireworks from the RV park for example. They have a bus leaving for Disneyland right outside the park. Plus, the amenities are the best ones I have seen on our entire trip. Nowhere else has it been this clean and spacious.

In addition it has a swimming pool which is huge plus when you’re traveling with kids. And pull-through RV spots are a plus for the driver. The nice amenities, the vicinity to Disneyland don’t come cheap. It was one of the most expensive parks on our trip.

#4 Ruby’s Inn Campground Bryce Canyon

Photo by Ruby's Inn

This campground again persuades with its great location. It is situated only one mile from Bryce Canyon. They have a bus that can take you into the park so you don’t have to drive with your RV.
If you are traveling without an RV, by car for example, you can also rent cabins and tipis there.
The amenities are sound as well. They have nice showers and restrooms and again a swimming pool. Plus, they have a store where you can buy a lot of useful gear for the rest of your trip.
It’s also a great place to gaze at the stars since there is very little light pollution out there. It was about $60/night for 4 adults and 2 children for a full hookup. Also not one of the cheapest places on the trip.

#3 Lo Lo Mai Springs Resort

This spot was a special gem we stumbled upon by accident. It’s located on Oak Creek, just a few minutes outside of Sedona. It’s in a forest which makes it kind of hard to find but you have beautifully shaded RV spots. It’s a beautiful, quiet park surrounded by nature.
All the sites have a picnic table and a fire ring which we used every day for a BBQ. It’s very kid-friendly too. It has (again) a swimming pool and a playground. And at night there are tons of racoons and skunks at the entrance. They made quite the reception when we arrived.
The RV sites cost from $42 to $65 a night.

#2 Red Rock Canyon Ricardo Campground

This is probably the most secluded campground on this list and also the worst one when it comes to amenities. There is no reservation system, the park could be already full when you arrive. It has no hookups and no showers. It has a pit toilet. It has a picnic table and a fire ring but no wood. What exactly does it have then? Well, location, location and location. It is one of the most beautiful campgrounds we stayed at. The campground is surrounded by dramatic desert cliffs. As far as you can see, there is literally nothing. There is no need for playground for the kids because the hills make a great although dangerous playground. Please watch out for snakes. One of the kids tripped over a sidewinder which gave him quite a scare. Luckily it didn’t do more than rattle.
The fee is $25/night.

#1 Meeks Bay Lake Tahoe

Meeks Bay at Lake Tahoe was the first place we stayed at and it stayed my favorite one the entire trip. Once again, this one won’t beat Anaheim or Ruby’s when it comes to amenities but the location is key here. Waking up in the morning and seeing the sun rise over the Lake Tahoe is priceless. We were only a few steps away from the shore and a swim before breakfast is the most refreshing thing ever. Sometimes even a little too refreshing. The RV spots are shaded by trees, it has picnic tables and fire pits. There’s nothing I missed when we were there. I would return in a heartbeat.
We arrived there on the first day of off-season and it was only $20/night. What a steal for such a great location. And not to forget, it also had full-hookup.




    1. Raphael Schöni

      I loved how alone we were. There was nothing and nobody around. And the rock formations are beautiful!

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