Topo Designs Klettersack: My Favorite Travel Backpack

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Last week, I wrote about how much I like to use packing cubes to organise the stuff in my bag and make packing a lot easier and more efficient. In addition to those packing organisers you also need a great bag to pack. And my favorite travel backpack (ever) is the Topo Designs Klettersack. There is a wide variety of designs available for this backpack and two sizes. I got the 22 litre backpack in Navy Blue. And why is this my favorite backpack? Let me tell you about that. I was looking for a backpack to carry every day on the road, something that has space for most of my essentials but still isn’t too big. This is where this bag came in. It’s not too big, in fact I sometimes travel ONLY with this backpack but it’s also not so small that I need to leave important things at home.


Klettersack 22l travel backpack in Navy Blue

The design is very simple and that’s one of the things I love about this bag. There’s not much redundant stuff on this travel backpack. It’s clean and simple. It’s made from Cordura fabric which is not waterproof I think. I especially wouldn’t trust the top pocket with the zipper. But the rest of the bag is pretty close to waterproof I’d say. I’ve carried it in all kinds of weather and never got any water on the inside. Beside being pretty close to waterproof the entire bag is very sturdy. It feels really good and so far everything is still in excellent shape.


Top compartment with zipper

There aren’t many compartments in this bag. There is one big compartment with a laptop sleeve and aside from that there’s a small compartment at the top with a zipper that you can access without opening the entire bag. This is pretty useful for quick-access to important things like passports etc. But beware, it’s probably also the easiest place to steal something from.

There are 4 compression straps on the outside of the bag which you can either use to compress your bag or strap other things to your bag. I really like to strap my tripod to the side of the bag with these straps.

The laptop sleeve is great for laptops up to 15” I suppose. My 15” MacBook Pro fits in there nicely. So no problem carrying a laptop or tablet with you. If you’d like to have more compartments or a way to organise your things in the main compartment you can buy a lot of accessories including camera cubes and laptop sleeves.


Main compartment with 15Unlike most other bags, the interior of the Klettersack is not black or another dark color, but yellow. This doesn’t sound like a big deal but it is actually a huge deal as I found out. Finding things in your bag like black cables or other dark objects is so much more easier in a yellow compartment. And it’s bigger than you might think. On my trip to the United States I had my entire camera gear including multiple lenses, chargers, tripod, GoPro and all accessories, laptop, Kindle and a jacket in there.


All in all, this bag is a very comfortable bag to carry even on longer walks. The straps have nice padding and don’t hurt even after hours carrying a heavy bag. The back padding can be a bit uncomfortable after a while on a hot day as it is made of the same Cordura fabric as the rest of the bag and therefore not breathable.


Topo Designs Logo

This is a great travel backpack for me. My use-case is mostly as a daypack on my travels. But also for a carry-on only trip this bag is amazing. If you are looking for a great daypack or a great carry-on only bag to take you around the world, this is my favorite.

The Topo Designs Klettersack 22l is available on Amazon for $169.





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