USA Road Trip: From Yosemite to Vegas

long road

RV parked on the Ricardo campground surrounded by nothing but stones

After staying at the Yosemite South Koa Campground for a night we went for a quick dip in the pool, packed up all of our things and headed towards Las Vegas. This is a long journey so we’re going to do this in 2 days because driving all day long can be very exhausting even if you’re not driving. After driving along plantations for what felt like forever, the landscape began to be less green. We ended up staying at the Red Rock Canyon State Park Ricardo Campground. This was one of the most beautiful campgrounds we stayed at during our time in the US. It was in the middle of nowhere and we were almost alone there.

Besides red stones and sand there was nothing around us. Except rattlesnakes. My little brother encountered a rattlesnake next to our RV and we only noticed because we heard the snake’s rattle. And rattlesnakes only rattle when they feel threatened to warn the enemy to back off or they’ll attack. It gave us quite the scare we ended up not leaving the RV anymore for the rest of the evening.

Rattlesnake at night

The next day there was no sleeping in, we still had a lot of ground to cover. We hit the road “early” in the morning and headed towards Death Valley. During the summer it is not allowed for RV’s to drive through the Valley because fo the exteme hit. We were there in the fall and it was still 47℃ at Badwater Basin. This is the lowest point on land in North America. It’s 85.5m BELOW sea level. It’s basically just a huge dump of salt. Still, it is worth the detour to Badwater if you’ve never seen anything like it before, or you’ve never felt heat before. But make sure to bring water and maybe wear a hat and sunglasses if you walk around outisde. It is HOT!

Badwater basin is a salt desert 80m below sea level

Sign saying Caution! Extreme Heat Danger

In the evening we finally arrived in Las Vegas. I had no idea that it was possible to stay directly at The Strip with an RV but it is! Circus Circus has an RV park with full hookup, pool and Wi-Fi. But the Wi-Fi is more meh than yay. It was terribly slow and very frustrating. Otherwise it’s a nice RV park although it’s basically just a parking lot with hookup. But the location is important here. And a pool is also never wrong because there’s nothing better than a quick dip in the pool in the hot Las Vegas.

As we heard from other travelers on the road there’s also another option to stay in Vegas with an RV. A lot of the fancy Hotels in Vegas are full during the weekend but don’t have many visitors during the week. So, if you come to Vegas during the week, some Hotels let you park up your RV there and stay in the Hotel for a very cheap price. The hotels rather make little money than no money at all. As I said above, I heard this from other travelers and have no experience at all with this method and there is no guarantee that every hotel will let you do that. But it’s worth a try. The only downside is that you have to bring all your stuff up to the hotel room and in the RV you always have everything with you.

Another important note: If you’re staying at Circus Circus I don’t recommend eating at their buffet restaurant. We ate there the night we arrived because we were all so tired but it was a terrible experience. I don’t think any of the food was good so we left pretty quickly.

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