USA Road Trip: Las Vegas with Kids

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Las Vegas was our longest stay during our south-western USA road trip. We stayed there for four nights on the Circus Circus RV park that I already mentioned in the previous post. When we were in Vegas I was 19, almost 20 years old but still too young for a lot of activities in Las Vegas. And we had 2 4-year olds with us so this post will be dedicated to kid-friendly activities since I didn’t see much of the 21+ stuff in Vegas :(. So, here we go. Things you can do in Las Vegas with kids:

Go Shopping

I’m not a huge fan of shopping. To be honest I’m not a shopping fan at all. I hate shopping. And kids are usually also not the most patient shoppers but it worked out pretty well for us. We went to the Las Vegas North Premium Outlets where stores have their stuff on “sale” but it’s still really expensive. A lot of hotels also have their own shopping malls that you can visit even when you’re not staying at that hotel.

Visit Hotels

Encore and Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas

Hotels in Las Vegas are huge and they offer so much more besides just the hotel. There are casinos, malls, parks,shows, roller coasters, restaurants, pools and a lot more. A lot of these places are accessible to the public so you can visit a lot of the cool hotels without even staying there. You can wander around the shops, the lobbies or the casinos (if you’re old enough). We spent a whole afternoon in Ceasars Palace alone and we were far from done. The hotels are also nice place to escape the Las Vegas heat during the day. I looked very out of place walking around the Wynn with flip-flops and shorts.

Water fountains at Belaggio

This would probably also fit into the category above but since you can see it from the street and don’t actually have to go into the hotel I made a new one. This is an impressive show of light, water and sound playing amizingly together. Only topped by the fountains in Dubai.

High Roller

View of Las Vegas from the High Roller

As almost anything around the strip, this attraction also belongs to a hotel, The Linq to be specific. I had no idea Las Vegas had a Ferris wheel but they do. And it happens to be the tallest in the world! We took a ride on the High Roller at night and got one of the 28 cabins all to ourselves. The view of Las Vegas at night was spectacular! Taking photos through the glass proofed to be difficult though. With a height of almost 168m it’s definitely not for people with a fear of heights. For anyone else, it’s definitely worth it if you’d like to see Las Vegas from top at night or day.

Circus Circus Adventuredome

Since we stayed at the RV park of the Circus Circus hotel we also checked out their Adventuredome one day. The Adcenturedome is an indoor theme park with small rides and a few roller coasters. It was very popular with the 4-year olds and it might be fun up to the age of 10 but after that, it’s probably considered boring. There is no entry fee, you pay for each ride individually or you can also get a daily pass and go on as many rides as you’d like.

As always you can also check out the videos from these days on my YouTube channel below.




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