USA Road Trip: The Amazing Lake Tahoe

It’s already been quite a while since I came back from my road trip across the western United States. I uploaded videos every single day (almost, I missed one) but I wanted to go a bit more into detail and write a few things about it here. So, let’s begin.
Here’s a map of our entire road trip.

We started our road trip in San Francisco where my father, his wife and our two little brothers picked us up at the airport. They have already been traveling around in the RV because they started out in Vancouver and picked up the RV right after the border. After spending the first night in the RV in some parking lot in El Cerrito, not far from San Francisco, we headed for our first destination. Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe

None of us have ever been there before so it was new to us all. The first RV park we arrived at was already full although it was the “down season” in the area, at least for camping. After driving a bit further we found a great Campground directly at the lake. We stayed at the Meeks Bay Resort & Marina and we got a great deal. Full Hookup directly at the lake for $30. Yes, please!
After a freezing first night at Lake Tahoe, we woke up to an amazing sunrise. No surprise it was that cold, we are 1900m above sea level.

Sunrise over Lake Tahoe

We spent the entire day at and in the lake. The kids don’t really need more than water and a bit of sand. Although the water was quite cold (15℃) we rented 2 SUP’s (Stand Up Paddleboard) and a paddle boat. Lake Tahoe is an amazing place for almost any water sport and you get used to the cold water quite fast. You can also do kayaking, windsurfing and obviously swim.


There is no big city nearby and at night you can enjoy an amazing night sky full of stars. But put on a jacket because it gets cold as soon as the sun sets.

Our campsite right next to Lake Tahoe

After another freezing night in the RV I got up at 06:00 to catch the sunrise. Until the sun actually rose my camera’s battery already ran out of juice which was rather annoying. After breakfast, we packed up our stuff, bought a portable heater at the next hardware store and got onto Highway 89 towards Yosemite National Park.

If you don’t like to read you can always watch the videos I made at Lake Tahoe.









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