What to Do with Your Leftover Currency

money and credit cards in wallet

You all know this. You get home after a trip and your wallet is full of coins and bills of a foreign currency and you have no idea what to do with it. Let me help you with that.

Exchange It

I rarely/never do this and I wouldn’t really recommend it. Of course you can go to your bank or some exchange service at the airport but the exchange rates are often very bad and it’s not worth it. Plus, most places only let you exchange bills so you will have to keep your coins either way.

Why not donate it to charity? A lot of airports have a donation box somewhere for organisations like the Red Cross, WWF or UNICEF. I usually throw my leftover cash in one of those boxes and don’t even take it home. Everyone wins!

Just Keep It

Maybe you will travel to that country again and you will have use for it again. I still have some Thai Baht and Czech Koruna laying around. I also always have Euros laying around but that’s just because I’m 30 minutes away from the German border.

Spend It

Before you depart spend all of your remaining money. Maybe get some snacks at the airport or pay your last night at the hotel with your cash. Or why not get a nice souvenir for your friends and family?

Avoid Getting Leftover Currency

Don’t use cash. This is easier in some countries than others but if you can avoid using cash, do it. In North America you could survive without any cash while in South East Asia you won’t get too far with just your credit card.
When you can’t use your card make a budget and only take as much money as you will need so you can spend it all on your trip. But always get a little bit more, just in case. You never know.

What do you usually do with your leftover currency? Let me know!

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