Why You Should Pack with Packing Organizers

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Who loves packing?
Ok, no one does. But it doesn’t have to be that bad. I’ve never been a great packer. I was always the person who just threw everything into a bag and hoped everything would fit. Without a system or a thought behind how I was packing. Maybe you are the same way. Or not. Either way, you should really use packing organizers.

As I have mentioned in last week’s post, one of my favorite travel tips is that when it comes to packing, less is actually more. If you want to travel carry-on only though, it can still be a struggle to fit everything into your bag. This is where my favorite travel “gadget” comes in.

A few of my electronic travel essentials A few of my electronic travel essentials

I was tired of all my cables flying around in my bag and never finding the right one when I needed it. That’s why I bought these packing organizers in three different sizes. They are nothing special but they do their job. They keep stuff together. Now I throw all my cable stuff into one of these and can always grab them out of my bag and don’t have to search for individual cables in my bag. I have another one filled with hard drives and memory cards etc. There’s another one with non fragile camera accessory. This not only makes finding your things again easier but also packing itself. If you put something soft in there like underwear you can compress them and fit them into the bag way easier.
You can also use these cubes to separate your dirty from your clean clothes in your blag. The possibilities are almost endless!

These organisers aren’t even limited to travel but you can use them around your house as well to store and organise various things from clothes over electronics to toiletries.





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