Why You Should Try to Travel Solo

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Sharing a trip with a friend or your significant other can be wonderful. But you might not get to to do or see things you want to. Because you and your friend won’t have the same ideas and wishes for your trip. You will have to make compromises to make your trip work and might even have to give up on a dream of yours.
Instead of giving up on your dreams you should embark on your next adventure alone and only do the things you want and don’t do the things you don’t want to do. Travel solo. It’s that easy.

It’s Simple


It might be very hard to organise a trip together with a friend if both of you live a busy life. You need to find a time that suits both of you. And the more people you travel with the harder it becomes to coordinate the trip. Usually a trip together requires planning months in advance.
With solo travel you can just get up and leave whenever you feel like it. No planning, just doing.

Become Independent

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You might learn a lot of new things about yourself you didn’t know before. When was the last time you truly did something on your own? Without anybody’s help? You have to handle situations on your own. You have to learn how to get around alone, how to make friends and how not to get robbed. You can’t learn all these skills at school. You can only learn them out in the real world.

Do Whatever You Want

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What is something that you have always wanted to see or do? Traveling together is always a compromise on both sides since no one has 100% the same ideas and wishes as you do. There are no compromises on a solo trip. You and you alone are in charge. You can decide what you want to see, where you want to eat dinner and how much or little you want to do each day. You have total freedom.

Traveling Solo Doesn’t Mean Traveling Alone

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While you might embark on your trip alone, you will meet plenty of people along the way. Traveling alone makes you a lot more approachable to other people. Most of them are curious why you’re traveling alone, where you are from and where you are going. Depending on your destination there are also a lot of other people traveling alone. Hostels are great places to meet other solo travellers. Often you end up talking about what you want to see and do and go do these things with a group of people who like the same thing.

Focus on Yourself

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You can forget all your worries for a moment. Forget about your work, forget about your bills and forget about all the drama back home. It’s just you. For once you can do things that make you truly happy without having to worry about anyone else. It’s a great time to reflect a little bit on your life and think about things you like and things you would like to change.

Like everything else, solo travel isn’t for everyone. But how do you know it’s not for you if you haven’t tried it?

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