A Guide to Traveling with Carry-On Only

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Figuring out what to take with you on a trip can be the most demanding part of planning a trip. It used to be this way for me for a long time. But as I have mentioned countless times before, you are probably packing way too much. If you pack less you can even fly with carry-on baggage only which will save you money on your flight and make travel less of a hassle in general.

Find the Best Flight Deals with Hopper

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It feels like every time I write about a travel app, a new one comes out right after I hit that publish button. This app isn’t new per se, but it changed a lot recently and it has become one of my favorites for finding the best and cheapest flights. I already have a post about finding good deals on flights in which I call Google Flights my favorite. Now, add Hopper to that list.

Staying in Las Vegas with an RV

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Las Vegas is one of the cities that is on almost everyone’s list when it comes to a western United States road trip. And if you have never been there it’s worth a visit even if it’s just to find out what all the fuzz is about. And while traveling with an RV is one of the best ways to see the United States, you might think that it is less ideal in Las Vegas.

Why You Should Pack with Packing Organizers

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Who loves packing?  
Ok, no one does. But it doesn’t have to be that bad. I’ve never been a great packer. I was always the person who just threw everything into a bag and hoped everything would fit. Without a system or a thought behind how I was packing. Maybe you are the same way. Or not. Either way, you should really use packing organizers.

Solo Travel Tips for Thailand

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It was my first backpacking trip, my first trip to South East Asia and a lot of other firsts. It was very scary at first but thanks to the warm welcome of all the other travellers that vanished soon. I learned a lot of new things during those two weeks. First of all that two weeks is way too short. It’s more like a sneak peek than an actual trip.